Toy 4

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wetforher toy four.jpg

Toy 4


Ingeniously crafted for comfort, this revolutionary Toy 4 by Wet For Her is a completely original design. Using Wet For Her’s unique purpose of making toys for lesbians by lesbians, their designs are non phallic and instead based off slightly abstracted versions of fingers and thumb. Despite this double-dildo’s abstract appearance, the Toy 4 is designed for anatomical accuracy, ensuring the most comfortable and pleasurable fit imaginable. This double-dildo is styled as a “strapless strap-on,” allowing for hands-free, harness-free fun. The smaller, stubbier end is angled for the wearer of the Toy 4, while the two-fingered, tapering shaft is available to a partner for thrusting and riding. A hollow in the elbow of the Toy 4’s base allows for vibrating pleasure to be introduced via bullet vibe. Made entirely from silicone, the Toy 4 is luxuriously smooth to the touch. Currently, this is the smallest double-ended dildo we’ve found. It’s also one of the firmest options (In our opinion, we’ve found the Toy 4 to be the firmest and the Share non-vibe version to have the most give/softest/most flexible double-ended dildo. All the others are in between. This is the smallest option for the wearer where the Share XL non-vibe is the largest. ) Available in black in stock, while pink and lavender can be special ordered with a short wait.


Insertable: 2.5” (thumb), 5" (two fingers)

Total: 8 by 5 by 1.75

Materials: Silicone

Waterproof: Yes

Bullet uses watch style batteries, included


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