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Je Joue’s petite Mimi is built smooth and broad, making it perfect for stimulating any part of the body— large or small! This palm-sized vibrator is flat and oval-shaped, tapering gently and elegantly into a rounded tip. When using its wide face, the Mimi is perfect for muscle massage and gentle, dispersed vibrations, while its thin sides are perfect for focused and intense sensations. Mimi is simple and perfect, like a really smooth river rock. With its five different vibration levels and patterns, the Mimi can be gentle or energetic at the push of its buttons. The Mimi is made of hard plastic that is covered in a plush, sensual silicone that is silky to the touch. Fully waterproof, rechargeable (magnetic charger), and ultra-quiet, the Mimi is a compact toy that easily adds fun and excitement to any moment. Offers up to two hours on a single charge.

The Mimi Soft is the Mimi elegance you expect with the added bonus of the very tip of the toy being delightfully squishy soft for the added decadence of pleasurable give when pressed against you. Waterproof, rechargeable, identical in almost every way except for the softness as the tip.

Materials: Silicone

Waterproof: Yes

Rechargeable: USB

Colors: Purple

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