Welcome to Friction, Nashville's source for feminist-friendly, beautiful, body-safe toys!

What is Friction?

Friction is a new type of sex toy company for Nashville. We are dedicated to providing body-safe well-designed toys to the community. We are a Nashville-based small business, queer owned and operated.

We believe in getting to hold something in your hands and seeing how it works before buying it. We believe in shame-free sexuality. We believe in medical-grade silicone. We believe in sharing knowledge about companies with consumers and trying to only work with companies we like and trust.

Because we believe you should be able to touch the toys you want before buying them, we have put our money into having display models of virtually everything we carry. As such, we don't have an extensive inventory. So we operate in the Tupperware-party style: you check out the toys, decide, place your order and pay, we then order from our suppliers. Once your toy arrives, to make up for the inconvenience of waiting for it, we offer home delivery (or an agreed upon location or we can mail it to you if you prefer).

We come to you, whether you as an individual, you as a couple, or you and friends in the privacy of your home. Make an appointment and I will bring my totes of toys to you so you can take time and figure out what you are interested in!